12 Core Values

Can you, right now, this very moment, fully list and define your core values? The Core Values you hope to live daily and hope pass on to your children… If so, can your children do the same?

Values are the armor and weapons we
send our children out into the world with.

You can certainly survive without weapon and armor… if you don’t live in a war zone. The intense philosophical and ideological battle for our children has become just that, a war zone.

We used to receive reinforcement of our families values through school, church, books, community, and even TV and movies would teach values in alignment with our own more often than not. Most, if not all, of these core institutions and structures have become widely corrupted and even outright hostile towards our values.

Parenting is not as easy as it used to be. 

Lazy parents in the past may have told their kids to go play outside just to get some peace and quiet. Now parents give their children a device containing the sum of human knowledge and depravity along with an endless stream of mindless videos, fictional TV, Movies, and junk food.

Children are lead into a deeper and deeper depression in search for real meaning and purpose in their lives. They become lost and vulnerable. Then the parents are seemingly shocked when they are led astray?

Gone are the days when we could casually instill a few loosely defined values within our children and expect them to fill in the blanks and become sufficiently armed for life while avoiding catastrophic pitfalls.

#1 Freedom

Freedom is the first and highest core value of our organization. The foundation upon which Freedom Families United is built. This is the compass that will keep our organization on course through any storm. As an individual value, freedom is the lens we view the world through. It allows us to identify what is right and wrong, especially when a central authority is involved.

#2 Equality

Equality is the best antidote to the poison known as Critical Race Theory… Dr. Martin  Luther King, Jr. preached Equality, which is equal opportunities for all men and women under the law, regardless of their race, sex, or any other immutable characteristics. Judged by the content of their character, not the color or their skin. The racist, sexist ideology, Critical Race Theory, preaches equity, which is forced equal OUTCOMES enforced by a powerful central authority. Equality and freedom go hand in hand because inequality anywhere threatens equality everywhere. 

#3 Courage

Hard times produce Strong Men. Strong men produce Good Times. Good Times produce Weak Men. Weak Men produce Hard Times. It’s time again for strong, courageous men and women to stand up and answer the call. It’s clear today that apathy is no longer an option for freedom loving individuals. We can choose courage, or We can choose comfort, but We cannot choose both. The good news is that courage is contagious.

#4 Discipline

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” (– Jim Rohn) Without discipline, success is impossible. (Jocko Willink) “Discipline equals freedom.” If you have the discipline to control yourself, then you gain the freedom from being controlled. Discipline is controlling your emotions rather than letting them control you… or even worse, allowing others to manipulate and control you through your emotions. This simple value applied to the volatile emotions of our youth could save families and communities so much heartache and tragedy.

#5 Family

Raising a strong family rooted in values is the most important thing you can accomplish in your life. You are completely replaceable in every other aspect of your life outside your family. I’ll say it again, You are completely replaceable outside your family. I don’t care if you are a Business Owner, CEO, or one of the top earners at your company. The moment you pass away they will replace you. Another business will complete the work, another CEO will be chosen, someone else will be hired to do your job.  At home you are completely irreplaceable. Your first, second, and third priorities in life should be raising a strong family rooted in values. That is what real meaning and success looks like.

#6 Presence

Presence is an essential value in regards to our families and relationships. With all of the distractions of modern day technologies, our presence is the best gift that we can give to those we love. In the words of Zig Ziglar “Love is spelled T-I-M-E.”

#7 Honesty

Honesty is arguably the most fundamental value. Our relationships to friends, family, or even a higher power are the only reasons we establish values in the first place. ALL relationships are built upon trust, and trust is just a byproduct of honesty. Honesty means speaking the truth, living the truth, and not tolerating lies. Those you love should never question your honesty and integrity.

#8 Truth Seeking

Truth-seeking is more than simply identifying and accepting truth, it is beyond traditional journalistic standards. To be a truth-seeker means you must completely understand all sides of important controversial topics that shape your world view and affect the lives of those you love. You must continually challenge your beliefs and engage others in constructive data driven debates. You cannot allow any law, corporation, or institution to dictate your morals, or you risk having none.

#9 Gratitude

Gratitude is not just a positive state of mind. Gratitude is a tool for overcoming life’s darkest, most depressing moments. Gratitude equals perspective. I often tell myself “Better people have gone through far worse.” This simple but powerful perspective has lifted me from my lowest lows many times. Teaching your children the power of gratitude is essential if we want them to be strong enough to overcome any darkness. Gratitude is the Anti-entitlement in a world of instant gratification. Becoming resilient is impossible without gratitude.

#10 Resilience

Resilience in the face of adversities will lead to success and joy in every aspect of your life. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you must get back up before you even hit the ground, but even rock bottom makes for a pretty strong foundation for rebuilding.  You must never give up in this fight for freedom. There will be endless attacks and challenges as we fight for renewed liberty from authoritarian institutions and society’s deteriorating morals. You must stand stoic & strong in your values, unwavering with conviction, a Pillar of strength.

#11 Service

Service is about selflessness and sacrifice. Service and love are the same. This is why we serve our family, community, and country. There is no greater purpose then to strengthen your family and help secure the constitutional promises of this nation for future generations. This Country needs your service, your time, your skills, now more than ever.

#12 Charity

We must self-audit where we are spending our money and make our values known through our spending. Each dollar is a vote for values, good or bad. There are endless vital charities, but every patriot must ensure that a strong portion of those charities they support are furthering the defense of freedom and liberty. Funding the many voices, businesses, & charitable organizations that are determined to defend our liberties while uplifting our communities and nation while propagating your values