Gender ideologies

Gender & Sex Confusion in schools is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable.

Parents and children are being held hostage by Gender Ideologies enforced by Schools, Psychologists, Doctors, Media, Law Makers, Judges and law enforcement.

New Parents Resources!

The Heritage Foundation & other Freedom Loving Groups put together an amazing Resource for Parents to understand Gender Ideology & how to protect your child. Truth is Power! Make sure to download a copy from them!

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Join our team of patriots willing to investigate, record, trainings & go through Records request to find the truth & fight corruption!

Transgenderism & Sexuality in NM Education Resources

(NOT AN EXTENSIVE LIST! Please look through any of these resources or ones you find from the NM PED & let us know if you find concerning things.)

New Mexico Resource and Referral Guide for LGBTQ Students

 Links of concern within this document: 

  1. Gender Equity Medicine – Southwest Care 

    1. Kids at 15 can receive “Gender Equity care” here.

  2. TEEN’MPower | Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains 


  3. HEAL+NM 

  4. Sexual Health – We R Native 


  6. Family and Community Supports 

    1. GLSEN Safe Space Kit: Solidarity with LGBTQ+ Youth 

PED Docs: 

  1. A Cultural Humility Training 

  2. New Mexico Health Education Content Standards with Benchmarks and Performance Standards Resource Guide

    1. Comprehensive Sexual Health Education

      1. (Not super concerning, but they mention sexuality ALOT & portray Gender roles is mildly concerning)

        1. Health Education Standards K-4th Grads

          1. Pg 9. Standard 3. Benchmark 4

          2. Pg 11. Standard 4. Benchmark 1 & 4

        2. Health Education Standards 5-7th Grades 

          1. Standard 4 benchmark 1

            1. Gender Roles

            2. (they do teach abstinence?good.)

NM PED Behavioral Health &LGBTQ Resources  

  1. LGBTQ Inclusivity in Schools: A Self-Assessment Tool 

NM PED Comprehensive Sexual Health Education 

  1. NOTES: There are TONS of links in this one. Haven’t explored them yet. 

NM PED Bullying Prevention: Providing Safe Schools for All Students 

  1. Learning for Justice

  2. The Trevor Project 

Vector Solutions Required Training: I have some screen shots for this training, but need access to full video for parents to see. 

APS Records Request: Should have “LGBTQ cultural fluency Trainings” within 2 weeks.