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Our Mission is to revive communities and strengthen families Nationwide, restoring the purpose, meaning, and hope of patriots. We are defenders of Life, truth and values, working together to take our Country back, and raising the next generation of lions, not sheep.

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  1. $500

  1. Monthly Freedom Families Newsletter

  2. 30% Discounts on Future Books Merchandise (coming soon)

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    1. All benefits above, plus

      1. Listed on Website & Newsletter as Valued Donor

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    1. All benefits above plus

      1. Private Dinner with Founders/Leaders

      2. First look at content 

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  1. All benefits above plus

    1. Listed On the Credits for every YouTube Video

    2. Invited as Guest on Live Radio Show

    3. Input & First look at merchandise prototypes

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    1. All benefits above, plus

      1. Dedication of personal Thanks in next book/ Edition release

      2. Full Page Dedication to Thank You on our Website

      3. Pinned Post of appreciation on Social Media

      4. Guest Speaker at Live events

  2. $50,000

    1. This would make it where we could expand to multiple branches quickly!

    2. Expand our investigations & research teams

    3. Make more prototypes 

    4. Reach more Patriots!

  1. VIP Weekend Retreat & Leadership Summit

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