Freedom Fight Club

Support your Values. Support the freedom Fight. Restore American greatness!

Freedom Families United is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Tax ID: 87-4810325. 

How We Fight:

  • Getting CRT, & Gender ideologies out of our Schools!
    • We are fighting the racially divisive and anti-American Rhetoric in our NM Schools & we’ll work our way across the State & Country! You better believe parents are waking up!!
    • This is a bipartisan effort & our kids come first!
    • Teachers & Parents helping us expose what’s in the schools! 
    • We will win this fight!!
  • Gathering Patriots  and making change IN PERSON!
    • As we meet in person in our Communities we bolster courage & stand stronger! 
    • Family Values are front and center! Restore the HONOR code of Freedom and decency among us! United We Stand. 
  • We stand for LIFE! The unborn are citizens of this great Nation & they deserve to LIVE!

Thank You for you Support!